It’s Adventure Time!

WelcomeOffroad Brewing Company Craft Beer Tasters to our dream!

Offroad Brewing Company is finally becoming a reality!  Interested in where this concept originated?  Check out our story.  You might be surprised to learn about how this concept came to be.

We appreciate your patience as we build the perfect site (and craft beer!) experience for you.  We are working hard on our business plans and model, and cannot wait to share them with you!

Very recently, this space has morphed from blog-centered to site-centered.  Originally, it was a blog that was primarily used to inform our followers (and his professors) of Joe’s progress during his internship (the last phase of his Certificate in Applied Craft Brewing) AS WELL AS a sandbox for our thoughts through the first phase of our business (can I get a “Heck Yeah!”).

Now we are more site-centered, as we work toward educating YOU all about brewing and beer, and continue to build Offroad Brewing Company in the direction of a brick-and-mortar brewery and tap room (can I get another “Heck Yeah!”).

We hope this site becomes one that caters to our followers – especially those wishing to enjoy tastings.  Please join us as we build the best brewery west-Denver has experienced, and (as always) jump in and help us craft the best beer possible!

Would you like a sneak peek into what’s in the “hopper” right now?  Are you curious about our future brews?  Check out what’s fermenting!

When we start the process of searching for a space, designing our venue, and then opening the business, we will use the site AND blog to inform YOU – our friends and future customers – of our progress!

Let’s enjoy this experience together — LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN!

Have you tried our beer already?  Please give us your feedback so we can make it even better.

(If you would like to join our email list, please email us and we will add you to our {super-secret, secure, and NEVER SHARED} list, and invite you to tastings and keep you in-the-know about upcoming Offroad Brewing Company adventures!  This will enable you to be informed of our progress and show your support.)