2016 Competition Updates

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Calm after the storm:

We have finally received competition updates and information for the two last summer events where we entered our beer.

At the Arvada on Tap homebrew competition, neither of the beers we entered placed.  We have not seen the feedback on the results, and are looking forward to reviewing that so we can make improvements going forward.  This was a smaller event, and sometimes it takes a little more time for the staff to send out the results.

As for the Liquid Libations at the Denver County Fair, Jack’s Amber was second place.  Colleen’s Blueberry Blonde reached 4th place, with the Peach Pi and Sassy Plum Cherry close on it’s tail.  The Loggerhead Porter was eighth in it’s category.  Colleen served as Head Steward, and I Judged (both opting out of serving in the categories in which we entered beers) at this event.  All around, it was a great experience!

Since all of the judges and steward(s) are volunteers, their feedback and scores are appreciated that much more.  These are folks who give of their time to help make the craft beer experience better for everyone.  Kudos go to ALL judges, stewards, and event staff!  Thanks and NICE JOB, f

The best comment we have we have received from a Judge about our beer so far is, “I would buy this beer.”  This comment actually meant more to us than winning a medal or other award.

We look forward to entering more competitions and receiving the feedback that will enable us to improve our recipes.  We are also excited to Steward and/or Judge again in the near future.  We will keep you posted on our location, and hope that you will stop by!



Competition Updates - BJCP Sponsored Event

Results and the next beers per flight ready to roll

Competition Updates - A BJCP Sponsored Event

Another Flight Ready for the Tastebuds


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