Applied Craft Brewing Recap – June 2016

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Applied Craft Brewing Recap for June of 2016

The month of June, at The Brew On Broadway (BoB):

If you are feeling neglected, I have to apologize. Between homework, life, family, work, and a mad-dash to complete internship hours, I have significantly neglected by blog!  So, after entirely too long, here’s an Applied Craft Brewing Recap:

The month of June consisted of steady assisting with the brewing process at The BoB. I am very comfortable taking apart and cleaning the small fermenters in preparation for the small batch brewing that The BoB has done.  I am also quite confident on the larger systems, and feel that I could handle most of a brew day on my own, if necessary.  This is huge for me, because as a homebrewer, we are used to our smaller, more MacGyver-type systems.  These larger systems are very professional, and can be somewhat intimidating if you are not accustomed to them.

Several days went so smoothly, we were able to complete our tasks in record time (including cleanup!), although other days MORE than made up for these small successes!  On one of my internship days, I was able to assist a fellow homebrewer brew his beer for serving AT the BoB. The BoB has a program of having homebrewers brew one of their beers and have it on tap for the patrons to try and give feedback for improvement.  I think this is a valuable service to provide for homebrewers – especially those who would like to brew professionally some day.

In addition to the brewing, this month I have also assisted in filling kegs and force carbonating them for serving. I have cleaned and prepped the brite tanks for transferring the beer from the 7-barrel fermenters, and done a myriad of other tasks.  The internship has been so incredibly rewarding, and I can’t say how thankful I am to both the BoB as well as Regis University for this amazing opportunity!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Applied Craft Brewing recap for June!  The month of July promises to be exciting as we start gearing up for the Great American Beer Fest 2016.

Stay tuned!



Applied Craft Brewing Recap - Brewhouse 1-Barrel Fermenter

Brewhouse 1-Barrel Fermenter

Applied Craft Brewing Recap - Brewhouse Kegging

Brewhouse Kegging

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