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Rate our beer so we can improve for you!

Thank you for drinking our beer! Please be sure to rate each Offroad Brewing Company beer that you have tried!  When you rate our beer, we understand how it performs and this helps us to create better products going forward.  We value your feedback, and really DO use it to make improvements.

Please fill out the following “rate our beer” form as many times as you need in order to rate each beer that you have sampled.  If you try a beer more than once, and your rating changes, please rate that beer again, indicating that you’re submitting a re-review so we know how well (or un-well) that beer has aged for you.


Colleen & Joe

Have you read our story yet?  If not, hop on over to our snazzy “about” page and read the story of Offroad Brewing Company (yes, it’s a great bedtime story!!).

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