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Applied Craft Brewing Recap – June 2016

The month of June, at The Brew On Broadway (BoB)

The month of June consisted of steady assisting with the brewing process at The BoB. I am very comfortable taking apart and cleaning the small fermenters in preparation for the small batch brewing that The BoB has done.

On one of the days, I was able to assist a fellow homebrewer brew his beer for serving. The BoB has a program of having homebrewers brew one of their beers and have it on tap for the patrons to try and give feedback for improvement.

Brewmaster in Training – Mad Scientist at Work

May 22nd, at The Brew On Broadway (BoB)

This was a big day for me personally at The BoB. Paul (the owner) wanted me to experiment with the water chemistry. I had been sharing with both he and Sam (Brewmaster) what I had learned at Regis University about how water chemistry affects beer.

We brewed their Eagle Rock Pale Ale as a small batch (1-barrel). The recipe was scaled-down from their 7-barrel offering. We tested the water to see where our Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfate, and Alkalinity levels were.

Wort Transfer – Rinse and Repeat

May 5th, at The Brew On Broadway (BoB)

Another day of transferring wort into a fermenter. The same setup that was utilized on April 28th was done here.

We had to get the fermenter cleaned out prior to end of boil of the wort. The fermenters are jacketed with glycol temperature control. This keeps the fermenting beer at the perfect temperature to ensure a great beer.

Wort Transfer

April 28th, at The Brew On Broadway (BoB)

This was a later start in the day. I helped finish with a 7-barrel batch of beer. As seen in the pictures below, we drained the boil kettle through a grant. A grant is a smaller vessel that catches the wort and prevents excess grains from getting into the boil kettle or in this case, the fermenter.

Once the wort has been strained through the grant, it is pumped through a heat exchange to drop the temperature from boiling temps to a cool 65-68 degrees for pitching yeast.

Applied Craft Brewing – The First Day

Applied Craft Brewing
April 24th, the first day at The Brew On Broadway (BoB):

On this auspicious Sunday, I went in for the first day of my Applied Craft Brewing Internship. The original plan was to assist with a small batch brew. Things being what they are, this did not occur. Due to a series of somewhat unfortunate events, we went for Plan B. What I learned was proper keg cleaning. I know most of you think, “oh boy.”

A Craft Brewing ‘Hello!’

This is the first of many entries in my blog of adventures in brewing. My name is Joe and I am currently enrolled in the Certificate in Applied Craft Brewing through Regis University. Be sure to click the link for details about the program.

My wife (Colleen) and I started brewing beer in 2015. That first year we brewed 100 gallons of beer that we shared as gifts with many people. We really experimented with the different styles and enjoyed them all. From our Cloudy Macbeth Amber to Pieter’s Wicked Stout, it has been a very adventurous ride.