Wort Transfer – Rinse and Repeat

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Decant the Wort

May 5th, at The Brew On Broadway (BoB):

By now I know that each visit to the Bob will be SOME SORT of an adventure.  Today is all about decanting wort.  So, that means another day of transferring wort into a fermenter. We used the same setup that was utilized on April 28th today, so to make my day more interesting, I asked some serious questions about the systems in use at the BoB while we did what seemed like the mundane task of transferring.

Prior to the end of the boil, we had to get the fermenter cleaned out so we could add wort when it was ready. The fermenters are jacketed with glycol temperature control, which keeps the fermenting beer at the perfect temperature to ensure a great beer.  This temperature is mostly determined by the yeast and how they work their magic.

After we decant the wort, we needed to clean the mash tun. Cleaning is an ever-present, never-ending task, but I am learning to follow Sam’s lead in making the task fun. We sing, tell jokes, and talk about what we are brewing at home (or what we are planning to brew). This makes the work go quickly, and I really feel like I’ve been able to build a great friendship with the head brewer, Sam.

The pictures below show the day.  Even though the day seemed like it would be boring, Sam and I made it fun AND productive.  I’m looking forward to another opportunity to help out at the BoB, and am glad they seem to enjoy having me around.



Decant the Wort - Brewhouse Boil Kettle

Brewhouse Boil Kettle – Hot wort about to be transferred

Brewhouse Pump Setup

Brewhouse Pump Setup

Brewhouse Fermenter Lower Cone

Brewhouse Fermenter Lower Cone – After cleaning

Brewhouse Fermenter Top Section

Brewhouse Fermenter Top Section- After cleaning

Brewhouse Mash Tun

Brewhouse Mash Tun

Brewhouse Mash Tun False Bottom

Brewhouse Mash Tun False Bottom

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