Final Internship Hours and Thoughts

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August 9th, at The Brew On Broadway (BoB)

Today was a bag of mixed feelings at The BoB, as I was completing the internship hours that were required for my Certificate in Applied Brewcraft.

The journey has been fun and an amazing learning adventure. The experience that I gained during this time has cemented my thoughts for our future business within the craft beer industry. Seeing how a brewery is run, and using the observations to form how Colleen and I want to run our business, has given us a significant competitive advantage over other new breweries.

Enough musing…on to what we accomplished in my final hours at the Bob. Today I arrived in time to help finish up a Double Rye Double IPA, called the Swedish Sanatorium. For a one-barrel batch, there were easily 5 pounds of hops used. The aroma was intense for both the rye and the hops used. It will be interesting to try this out in a few weeks when it is ready.  In the mean time, it is fermenting and becoming something interesting and amazing.

What was truly fun was coming to an understanding of what to do.  Sam would just let me know what was next and I completed the tasks assigned without waiting for instructions.  This was a great place to be at the end of my internship.

Final thoughts:

The Applied Brewcraft Certificate Program that Regis University provides is a great foundation for any aspiring brewer. All of the professors, including  Matt Fete, in chemistry and  Matt Peetz in practical brewing skills, have added to my knowledge and understanding of taking four ingredients and creating a plethora of beverages. To all of them, I send a hearty “thank you.”



Double Rye Double IPA

The Swedish Sanatorium Completed

The serving bar at the Brew on Broadway

Final Shot of the BoB

Cleaning the floors of the brewery

The only thing left with the internship is the clean up

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