IIPA Remix

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July 28th, at The Brew On Broadway (BoB) (a Double IPA Remix):

Finally, a complete day of working the 7-barrel system. I have, up until this point, been part of the later parts of the brewing day. Today I was in attendance for the entire brew-day, and helped with the IIPA (Double IPA) re-do.  The day was long, fun, and consisted of many parts as seen in the photos in this post.

As seen in the blog post Game Time at the Bob, an IIPA was brewed, but there were some issues with the fermentation. It was decided that we would re-brew the IIPA and use the previous batch as Cinderella’s Evil Wet Twin Sisters IIPA. This will give us an opportunity to compare the batches, and decide if the issues were merely “accidental improvements.”  This batch was created with 25 pounds of freshly picked Columbus hops from Paonia, CO. With that, the mad scientists went at it.

IIPA (Double IPA) Remix:

  • First Step – Load 640 lbs. of grain in the hopper.
  • Second Step – Pre-heat the mash and sparge water.
  • Third Step – Grind the grain and get it in the mash tun to make wonderful wort.
  • Fourth Step – Sparge time – we used a continuous sparge for this (as with most) brew at the BoB.
  • Fifth Step – Boil the wort and add the hops.
  • Sixth Step – Chill the wort and transfer the wort into the # 1 fermenter.
  • Seventh Step –Prep and inject the wort with yeast.
  • Eighth (and final brewing) Step – Let the fermentation commence.

Now with any seriously healthy fermentation, a bit of a mess can always be expected, (see the last photo).  We are SERIOUSLY looking forward to tasting this one.  Join us?



Maris Otter, 2-Row, Caramel 60L, and Acidulated Malt

Grain bags, hopper-ready

Loading the grain

Joe loading the grain

maris otter grains in hopper

Maris Otter grains in hopper

Joe stirring the mash

Joe stirring the mash

Double IPA - Sam connecting sparge mash

Sam connecting sparge mash

Boiling Double IPA Wort

Boiling wort

Sam adding ctz hops

Sam adding CTZ hops

Mad Scientist Sam

Mad Scientist Sam

Double IPA - Aggressive, yeast converting the starches

A very healthy fermentation

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