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“Craft brewing has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, and Colorado has made a name for itself as a brewing destination. Brewing enthusiasts will gain the skills and training necessary to enter the field or take home brewing to the next level.” Joe was both challenged and excited throughout the program, and would recommend this to anyone wishing to open their own brewery or take their Brewmaster skills to the next level!

Final Internship Hours and Thoughts

August 9th, at The Brew On Broadway (BoB)

Today was a bag of mixed feelings at The BoB. Today I was completing my internship hours that are required for my Certificate in Applied Brewcraft.

The journey has been fun and a serious adventure. The experience that I have gained cemented my thoughts for our future business within the craft beer industry. Seeing how a brewery is run, and using the observations to form how Colleen and I want to run our business has given us a significant competitive advantage over other new breweries.

A Craft Brewing ‘Hello!’

This is the first of many entries in my blog of adventures in brewing. My name is Joe and I am currently enrolled in the Certificate in Applied Craft Brewing through Regis University. Be sure to click the link for details about the program.

My wife (Colleen) and I started brewing beer in 2015. That first year we brewed 100 gallons of beer that we shared as gifts with many people. We really experimented with the different styles and enjoyed them all. From our Cloudy Macbeth Amber to Pieter’s Wicked Stout, it has been a very adventurous ride.