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Shopping and Learning and Brewing – Oh MY!

For those who have requested a list of our favorite craft beer brewing resources – THIS LIST IS FOR YOU (well, and everyone else, too)!  These are some great folks who have really helped us along our homebrewing (and are supportive of our future brewery) adventure.  If you visit in person, please let them know you heard about them from us!

Local (Denver-Metro) Supplies & Advice:

Co-Brew in Denver – Jamie & Janna are good friends of ours and have been amazing support for us.  Their staff is SO knowledgable and helpful.  Oh, their beer is great, and they have scads of supplies, too!

Claymore Brewing – For the most “OH MY GOSH” home made soft drink kits!

Quirky Homebrew Supply – Great folks who love to talk beer and have a great selection of brewing supplies and equipment.  They also do wine, cheese, soda, distillation, cider, mead, and more!

Tom’s Brew Shop – Tom, Mike, and the gang are fantastic supporters of homebrewers.  This is THE place to drop off brews for competition, stop for advice, and call when you’re stuck with a brew.  Excellent products, too!

Online Supplies & Advice:

BrewDemon – Homebrewing resources at a great price.  These folks have the MOST AMAZING customer service.

John Palmer’s How to Brew book (and website) – This is the book that started it all, so-to-speak.  A dog-eared, often-referenced, ever-present book in our brewhouse (kitchen) that provides guidance and advice.  The advice we were given: “Read the first 40 pages 3 times before starting to brew.”

More Flavor – Home of brands More Beer, More Wine, and More Coffee!  Online ordering is easy, shipping is reasonably fast, and most supplies are competitively priced.

Northern Brewer Homebrew Supply – Everything you need to know to get brewing.  Recipes, a fantastic blog, and supplies.  Regular sales can set them apart from other online suppliers…in a good way!

Software & Organizations:

American Homebrewer’s Association (AHA) – support, advice, homebrew groups, fantastic member perks, and a fantastic magazine!

BeerSmith – recipes, support, advice, and information.  Oh, and software!!!

Beer Judge Certification Program – how to become a beer judge or steward, judging beersheets, and other competition resources.

Pink Boots Society – They exist “to ASSIST, INSPIRE, and ENCOURAGE women beer professionals through EDUCATION.”  What’s cooler than women who brew?

Regis University Certificate in Applied Craft Brewing (Allison Peters and Matt Fete) – A fantastic program!  Joe graduated from this program having earned his Recognized BJCP Certification, completed 160 hours of internship experience, and with the excitement to get out there and create some amazing flavors!

Our Favorite Products:

Imperial Organic Yeast – When we truly need a certified organic yeast, these are our go-to folks.  Many brewers take pride in being able to provide an all-organic product, and this company fits the bill when you need yeast that is the best quality and all natural.

Inland Island Yeast Laboratories – John and Matt are Colorado locals who started out growing yeast on an industrial scale for the bio-fuel industry (!!).   Thankfully, they decided to apply that knowledge to something TRULY useful – beer!  Not only a great product, but these guys LOVE to talk science and yeast!  Nerdy is totally their gig – and we LOVE that about them!

White Labs Pure Yeast & Fermentation – GMO Free, Kosher, and Philanthropic – what more could you ask for in a yeast company??

Wyeast Laboratories – Probably the best known of the yeast companies, these folks have been around since 1986, and love to share their knowledge and expertise.  They have a strong commitment to their customers, and provide high quality yeast in a pop-pack that come super-charged with nutrients.

Ych Hops – This 100% grower-owned hop supplier provides quality hops using a business model that is environmentally friendly and socially responsible.  By supporting the economic health of hop growers and their employees, Ych Hops invests in the people AND infrastructures in order to supply world class hop varieties.

Your Turn!

Do you know about any craft beer brewing resources we haven’t mentioned?  Are you one of our (incredibly amazing) supporters and we FORGOT to add you?  Please email us and we’ll get that changed right away!

Have you tried our beer?  If so, please give us your opinion so we can make adjustments and provide an incredible craft beer and brewing experience!!!