The Story of Offroad Brewing Company

Amber Ale to Style

An Amber Ale – Our first beer!

Like all good tales, our “about” page (this page) tells the story of a boy and a girl.  Okay, a man and a woman….but we don’t feel old enough for that. Yet.  Anyway, here is OUR story and the story of Offroad Brewing Company:

In 2012…

Joe was living in Spokane, Washington, and selling cars.  Yep.  A real, live, bonafide car salesman.  He was doing well, but wanted to move back to Colorado to be closer to his son.  So in the process of planning to move back, Joe started looking for a special someone in Colorado that he could spend some time with in between his dad-times.

Around that same time…

Colleen (living in Colorado) was undergoing knee surgery (yes, seriously).  We’ll just say that a series of unfortunate events led up to the necessary replacement of an ACL and the repair of a meniscus.  We won’t dwell on the details.  Anyway, feeling like it was time to look for the special person she wanted to spend her time with, Colleen set out to find a man that loved chocolate and the outdoors as much as she did.

Joe and Colleen on a hike in the mountainsThe relationship began based on their mutual love of chocolate (a story for another time – maybe over a beer?), and blossomed into the assembly of furniture (another beer opportunity), and then they both started school (Joe began his MBA program, and Colleen started her Bachelor’s Degree studies).  Many (many!) nights were spent comparing professors, reviewing each others’ papers, and acting as another set of eyes for one another.  In between the chaos of family, work, and school, the two lovebirds spent time hiking, biking, skiing, and enjoying the outdoors.  Through all of this, there were many life changes (new jobs, the loss of friends, a few moves, and other “stuff” that goes with being part of a family), but Joe’s focus never changed: He wanted to own a brewery.  Colleen’s dream was to leave the corporate world behind, and be the owner of a business she could really get behind.

And then it happened…

Even though they were attending two different schools and in two different programs, one term they both had to build a business and marketing plan for a “business of their choosing.”  Colleen and Joe jumped at the opportunity, and Offroad Brewing Company was born.  Shortly thereafter, Colleen’s brother (in his infinite wisdom) gave Joe a homebrewing kit (another story for another time), and by March of 2015, Joe and Colleen were brewing THE most amazing beer.

Colleen and Joe in Winter Park after he asked her to marry him

He asked, and she said “yes!”


Joe popped the question just prior to the end of ski season in May of 2015 (on the Mary Jane side of Winter Park, at the top of Panoramic Point), and on April 17, 2016, during a Doctor Who Themed Wedding, Colleen and Joe shared their beer AND their commitment with their friends.  That same day, Joe received his final scores and certification as a BJCP Recognized Beer Judge (see his post for that day) and within a couple of months, they had won 2nd Place for their Loggerhead Porter at the 8 Seconds of Froth Competition in Wyoming.  The deal was sealed — to brew and drink great beer until the end.  And that is the story of Offroad Brewing Company.

So here we all are.  And after all that, I need a beer.  Join me?

Story of Offroad Brewing | Doctor Who Themed Wedding

Join us for an Offroad adventure!

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