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What’s in the fermenter?

Fermentation is the most exciting and patience-testing part of brewing beer (and wine, and mead, and cider)!  Most folks (especially those that have been following us a while, or those that have a history with us) know that we do NOT sit still.  Not for long, anyway.  Maybe for a good movie, or a road trip, or even on the ski lift…. but I digress…

While we wait for the fermenter to give us the good stuff, we thought we would share THE list of what is newly brewed and fermenting, what has been recently bottled, what’s ready to drink, and a preview of what’s in the early(ish) planning stages for the coming months.  (Don’t forget to rate our beer on the beer rating page!)  Have you seen how we brew?

Currently (becoming amazing) in fermenters:
  • Christian’s Live Life Face First (American Strong) Ale – This is another small(ish) batch of 3.7 gallons, brewed 2/3, and promises to be about 9.1% abv.  This brew will be a solid reflection of it’s namesake.  Enough said!
Recently bottled:
  • James’ Rawr! Historical Roggenbier – This is a small(ish) batch was brewed 1/6 and bottled 1/28, and promises to be about 5.6% abv.  Should be ready to drink by 2/10.
Ready to drink:
  • “Dirty” Belgian Blond – Brewed 11/18 – should be ready to drink by 1/12. Ended up about 8.6% abv.
  • Nerdy Rye Pale Ale – Brewed 11/26 – should be ready to drink by 1/12. A very drinkable 6.2% abv.
  • Colleen’s Black (This Foreign Extra Stout was bottled on 11/12 & is a beautiful 7%!)
  • Mary Pat’s Razz Sass (Bottled 10/15, this dark Raspberry Belgian Strong Ale hits more than just numbers at 12% abv) Will be best if aged a bit longer!
  • Colleen’s Experimental Chamomile Tea “Ale” (Bottled 10/29, with notes of honey, lemon, and a lovely chamomile flavor, we reached a mellow 4.7% abv.  Definitely good for what “ales” you!)
  • The Boyz Murphy Irish Red Ale (gold cap – beautiful beer)
  • Colleen’s Adult Ginger Soda (yellow cap – very small batch)
  • The Average Joe’s Everyday Cream Ale (white cap)
  • Colleen’s Golden Birthversary Imperial Stout (black cap – total surprise to Colleen….)
Planning stages (sneak peek):
  • Barley-Glog (Joe’s Birthday Beer) (Spring 2018 for a November release)
  • Stuf ‘O Do (because we’ve ALL got stuff to do!) a drinkable, fruity low abv American Red Wheat (Spring 2018)
  • Bow to the Ale (Summer 2018) Villainous Beer #2
  • Another BIGGER batch of our Mandarin Orange IPA (Spring 2018)
  • Our Interpretation of a “New England IPA” without all the haze (Summer 2018)

While YOU are waiting for fermentation to finish, have you tried our beer?  Click on over to our beer rating page, and let us know what you think!  This will help us to improve our current line-up of home brewed beer, an help us make decisions for the brewery (announcements in Spring, 2017).  Who knows?  Maybe you will be the one that points us in the direction of our next award winning beer!